Posted by: astrom36 | February 14, 2013

How was day one?

Ash Wednesday.

It is not often that I post so frequently, but Ash Wednesday started off the Lenten season the right way.

No meat…what to eat?  I talked to Sorphorn and came up with fried vegetables.  I was all for that, but I had a different thought as I walked up to the market.  Fried rice.  I do love my fried rice.

After class, I told the host family what was going on.  Sorphorn coached me the night before on the vocabulary and grammar so I was ready.  I explained the next month and  half and what I wanted for that day.  So we went to the market and I bought a bell pepper, a carrot, cauliflower, rice and other stuff.

I was taught the proper rice frying technique this past Sunday.  I succeeded.  Look at this.

I made this.

I made this.

It was good and filled me up.

Remember my other goal?  Yeah, not at site.  It seems I won’t be doing that, at least not at site.


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