Posted by: astrom36 | November 21, 2012

Warning: Man Thigh

Yesterday was one of those rough days.  Monday was particularly bad because I was feeling down about my students’ performance on a test.  I made it easy.  Monday night, I was unhappy.  After a (nightly) phone call, I felt better and was looking forward to Tuesday.  I went to class that morning and had two great classes.  I was feeling good.  I had planned to do laundry, but the host family was hogging the line so I decided to bike to the provincial town.  As soon as I got in, my back tire blew out.  It was destroyed.  Inner tube and tire.  Ok, fine, I can get through that.  I had to walk around, hoping to find a place that could replace a mountain bike tire. I lucked out but it was expensive (I had the money but it was a blow to the wallet).  Probably more expensive than it should have been.

On my way back to site, I got hit on the leg by a large bamboo thing crossing the road.  Traffic here is absolutely horrible.  If someone needs to turn left, they will do it without looking to make sure traffic was clear.  This was a slow-moving cart turning left.  I thought I went far enough out with room to spare, but they turned more and bamboo became bat.

The marks

It is a lot better now.  Still slightly sore, but most of the marks are gone (except for that bright one at the bottom).  I thought I would have a nasty bruise.

After this, I discovered that I also did not have electricity.  That lasted until well past 7 pm.  I usually sleep without my fan anyway, but I like to cool down before attempting sleep.

These events combined to put me into a pissy mood.  Again, the nightly call saved the day and I felt much better by the time I went to sleep.

However, the next few days will be especially rough.  I am used to internet and staying connected, but my monthly plan is set to be renewed tomorrow.  It was always my idea to wait a week (next week I will be without my computer, meeting/visiting her family during the week-long break I have) and put the renewal date after we get our PC living allowance instead of the 2-3 days prior.  I could just bike to my provincial town and use my trusty iPhone at a guesthouse.  With the new tire though, I am worried about the 12 mile round trip ride and this cheap tire.  I don’t want to be stuck half way out with a busted bike.

At the same time, I am broke again.  ‘Tis normal for me, but I have been at site for a long time and really looking forward to getting away and eating delicious food.  Speaking of food… I am not sure what I will eat for the next two days.  Looks like I will be visiting a few places nearby.  Maybe get some rice and then fry it.  Or look for some cheap fruit.  I don’t know.  I am trying to save what money I have for this weekend.  Mostly, I will be relying on my host family to give me stuff for free.  Dinner tonight is an example of that.  I sat at the shop and was asked if I ate crabs.  Yes, I eat crabs.  I ate crabs.  Today I spend $0.  I hope to keep that going over the next two days.

Anyway, this is the first Thanksgiving that I am not celebrating with anyone.  I had half of my group last year and this year I was given permission to attend the next groups celebration, but due to certain circumstances, I decided not to attend.

I’ll see you in a few days, Internet.

Here is a picture to occupy you during my leave of absence.

A happy, colorful bug


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